jueves, 22 de agosto de 2013

If I were a 1st form teacher again...

If I were a 1st form teacher again...

I wouldn't allow schoolbags inside the classroom.
I would ask for a wooden cube for each student where they could keep: pencil box, copybook, whiteboard, pupil book, portfolio, etc. (cheap and easy to do for both school or parents)
It would look more or less like this:

Underneath the windows would be a good place. And we could have a "Science Centre" on top, with plants and magnifying glasses, tubes, droppers and that sort of staff

I would start classes with no tables nor chairs in the classroom. Kids would sit on little carpets instead. (I used them once, I'm sure Silvia remembers)
During the first week kids would just listen to stories, play outdoorgames, sing, draw, and colour. And decorate their own cube and materials.
Little by little we would build some learning centres together:  "Art centre", "Drama centre", "Word Centre" "Reading Centre", "Writing Centre", "Building Centre", etc. We would place tables and chairs where necessary.
I would start a project by telling a story and letting kids know what they are expected to learn and asking them how they would like to learn about that.
I would create a very rich enviroment making flashcards and posters with children and selecting appropriate materials for each of the centres.
I would start every lesson allowing kids to play freely in the centres for about 20 minutes, time enough to check communication copybooks quickly and walk around monitoring students' interactions while playing and joining them in the play to model language. Then we would have some circle time (oral assembly) to focus on..., another 20 minutes; ideally kids would start using language spontaneously during the free play moment. During the last 20 minutes before break, they could solve some written activity to stick in the copybook, or to display in the classroom, or why not, to take home.
I'm having an exam tomorrow and I couldn't focus... so I started dreaming about my ideal classroom...
Sometimes, I miss the classroom you know...
I must go back to my notes for the test.

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  1. Moni, What a good idea to pretend you are a first form teacher again.Of course considering all the experience you have, many things would change! Iwonder what Male and Belen may think of your ideas, I agree on many of them, and Ido think that if we talk about them we can achieve many of them....Am I too positive?

  2. You should have seen classrooms in New Zealand...
    not as good as your ideal classroom! hahaha
    add the technological centre, please!
    I might decide to join 1st....
    Just joking Miss!!

  3. Lovely Moni!
    I don't know how you did in the test, but the ideas that popped up will avoiding to study are very interesting!
    I know very little about first form, but I would love to be your student in one of these classrooms!
    I really believe that deep changed have to be made to the way we teach and the way in which we expect students to learn. I agree with Miss Vivi, we can apply many of the ideas you're exposing.
    Miss Fla

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  5. Moni: WOW.
    I have talked to you in person about this already, but anyway I want to make some comments here, as written words are always more permanent...
    I think EVERY ONE of these changes could be introduced next year. Of course, it would take time and effort, and it should be carefully supervised whether it works, how and why it works, how the system/procedures could be improved, etc. But, I must say, at least considering my classroom (which is smaller than 1st Blue's), the only way learning centres/free play could work would be by introducing the spatial changes before. No matter how much I try and re-arrange seats and desks, there is never space enough for a reading corner, let alone different learning centres...
    What I'm saying is: LET'S GO FOR IT! Let's make it a point that next year we can give each child his/her own space (literally and metaphorically), set the example and help them take care of their personal belongings, provide a rich and stimulating environment for them to play, enjoy and learn naturally... and grow with them.

  6. Moni, I believe that your design of the classroom is really practical!! It would be so comfortable... I am not an expert in first. I don`t imagine myself as a 1st form teacher indeed!!! But from what I could see and learn last year at kinder I think that having a first for like this, with all the activities you have created, it would be easier for kids to adapt to Primary School, considering it seems kids are every time like "more inmature" for the seating arrangemes, the quantity of school supplies/material, timetables. I strongly believe the change from kinder to primary would be much more gradual...